Jeff Farley

Medical care that is ‘real, human, and actually caring’

CareATC staff provides compassionate mental health treatment and more

When Jeff Farley’s longstanding anxiety grew worse after losing his son, he was grateful for the human touch and care at Roper Wellness Center. Kind practitioners guided Jeff through depression and are helping him and his wife make noticeable improvements in their overall health.

Jeff Farley first sought care from the Roper Wellness Center powered by CareATC when he realized anxiety had been controlling his life for far too long.

When he lost his son in a car accident earlier this year and his mental health suffered more than ever, he was grateful for the relationships he had with the CareATC staff already and for their ability to help see him through the trauma.

“At that time, I was pretty close to actively suicidal,” admits Jeff. “Dr. Feliciano and nurse Ledon (Twilley) – they made sure they helped. They called me day after day to see how I was doing until I crawled through this.” In addition to daily contact, the doctor worked closely with Jeff to get the right medication and dosing to help his depression.

Dr. Feliciano’s reputation as an excellent doctor encouraged Jeff’s first visit. “Dr. Feliciano Aponte is very good, very thorough,” says Jeff. “She and the whole staff there seem to care a lot about anyone who is trying to improve their health.”

As a Roper employee, Jeff, variable technician, qualifies for services at CareATC as a part of the company medical plan. Powered by CareATC, the Roper Wellness Center offers free or low-cost full-service primary and preventative care to all covered employees and their dependents.

Jeff’s wife, a patient with diabetes, benefits from CareATC, too.

“CareATC has a program where diabetics can get their insulin for free, but they have to do things like see a nutritionist and really manage their diabetes,” he explains. “She’s doing that, and she loves it.” CareATC also supplies her with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

For both Jeff and his wife, it’s the kind and caring nature of the staff that keeps them engaged in their own healthcare, keeps them going back so they continue to feel better.   Jeff says in his time as a patient at the Center, his mental health is better under control, and he’s also seen other improvements – like his blood pressure and cholesterol.

“Being real, being human, actually caring – that’s what I like about them,” remarks Jeff. “Most of the time you go to the doctor, and they give you 15 minutes … I feel like CareATC really listens to everything. If it takes more than 15 minutes, then they give it to you.”

Citing his own experiences, Jeff encourages any fellow worker to give the Roper Wellness Center a visit. “It’s easy. It’s right there and it’s (mostly) free,” he explains. “You can’t beat that in today’s world.”

Find out for yourself how the Roper Wellness Center can help improve your health. In August, the Center will offer in-building personal health assessments (PHA) for all employees, spouses, and retirees on the health plan. The PHA is a five-minute health check meant to pinpoint a patient’s risk levels for certain preventable medical conditions. It includes a check of blood pressure, height, weight, waist measurement and a blood draw (no fasting needed). Participants receive a free giveaway and are entered to win prizes.

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