Watch: The Story of Health

World Health Day recognizes how we’ve come together globally to improve health and wellbeing and continue moving forward.

When it comes to World Health Day, countries across the globe rally around:

  • Health For All envisions that all people have good health for a fulfilling life in a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.
  • The right to health is a basic human right. Everyone must have access to the health services they need when and where they need them without financial hardship.
  • 30% of the global population is not able to access essential health services.
  • Almost two billion people face catastrophic or impoverishing health spending, with significant inequalities affecting those in the most vulnerable settings.
  • Evidence shows that health systems powered by a primary health care (PHC) approach is the most effective and cost-effective way to bring services for health and well-being closer to people.
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