Two Life-Saving Things Parents Can Do

Learn CPR. Install car safety seats correctly.

November is Child Safety and Protection Month. Learn more about these two life-saving practices. 

Home Safety – Learn CPR: One of the most important things you can do as a parent, guardian, and/or grandparent is to attend a baby/child safety and CPR class. 

Car Safety – Install and Use Car Seats Correctly: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children in the U.S., and result in injury to more than 120,000 children each year. Proper use of car seats can decrease the risk of death and injury by as much as 70%.

Within seconds, children can choke, have an allergic reaction or a seizure and more. Being prepared for any emergency can save a child’s life. Sign up for a free, three-hour Child Safety 101 virtual class on November 18.

Only 50% of all car seats are used or installed correctly. Plus, many parents do not follow the recommended child restraint laws in their state. If you want to be 100% sure your child is buckled in and buckled up properly, Norton’s Health Care System conducts weekly safety car seat checks for free. Call (502) 629-KIDS (5437) to schedule an appointment. offers a safety focus each month, where you can continue to be diligent about your child’s safety!

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