This is Your Year

Prioritize your health. Prioritize your life.

The new year always brings a welcomed fresh start. Perhaps this year more than any, prioritizing your health is crucial.

Wellness is choosing the way you live to get the most out of life. Whether it’s playing with your grandkids, traveling with friends or hiking the trails, your health makes life more enjoyable.

Don’t check out when it comes to check-ups. Cancer, diabetes and heart conditions have not taken a break for COVID-19. Have you put off seeing your primary care doctor? Have you delayed necessary health screenings? If so, it’s time to consider making an appointment. Do you have a primary care provider? If not, you can schedule an annual exam with a Park Well Care Center (PWCC) provider.

Walk off those “COVID-19 lbs.” Did you put on weight during social distancing? It’s time to get moving. Here’s an idea: Coordinate your exercise time with a friend and call each other while you take a long walk. Walking is a free, low-impact exercise that’s great for your heart. If you want to go after your goals with more intensity, try resources available to you through The Y @ Work. Try joining the free virtual workouts the onsite Y staff posts every week and sign up for an initial consultation with an affordable YMCA registered dietitian.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Yes, you read that right. Want to see a big change in your energy levels and eating habits? Drink more water!

Need more tips? Or looking for health advice for the man in your life? Check out this list tailored just for him.

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