Teenager see, teenager do

As a mom, aunt or caregiver, you’re the blueprint for your increasingly independent teen. You have the power to set an example for the next generation of women, showing them that taking care of yourself is important.

Are you prioritizing your wellbeing? What do you need to feel safe, healthy, and well?

Is it putting yourself first, controlling your diabetes, or finding ways to manage your depression? Do you need to walk through grief, manage your health, learn how to live with addiction, or simply find happiness?

“WellWithin would like to encourage each person in GE Appliances – especially females during Women’s History Month – to advocate for your own health and wellbeing needs,” says Michele Clark, Global WellWithin site leader. “Prioritizing your health is essential for the legacies you leave behind.”

By taking care of yourselves, you can live longer, healthier lives and have a positive impact on the world around you. You can inspire others – including your own daughters – to do the same and create a legacy of health and wellness.

Need some inspo? Here are the stories of eight women at GE Appliances who are committed to their health and have seen the impacts.

  1. Peggy
  2. Soo
  3. Jenifer
  4. Patty
  5. Karen
  6. Kim
  7. Debra
  8. Kristen
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