Get Ready to Tap into Your Team’s Potential

Nine ways to energize your employees. There are some good ones!

Any leader will tell you. One of their toughest challenges is keeping their team motivated.  The Talkbox team spoke to some business leaders and put together nine ways to energize your employees. 

If you’re already doing some, keep it up – there is power in consistency. If you see a few new ones, try one and see how it makes a difference. 

  1. Encourage a culture of feedback: Employees want you to listen to their opinions.  It can create better rapport, collective ownership, and make them feel more valued, which in turn creates a better team dynamic. Present ideas ahead of time instead of asking for feedback after a change has already been made that impacts employees.  
  2.  Recognize the “thinking” differences in each employee:  Every employee has a unique way of processing information and data; some prefer a lively area with interaction opportunities and others need a quiet environment to do their best thinking.  Ensure there are both types of spaces available.  ‍
  3. Maintain healthy accountability:  Avoid a “self-preservation mindset”, where any mistake is quickly blamed on someone else. Clearly defining responsibilities and supporting your employees when they make mistakes can help circumvent this type of reaction.  Employees can view mistakes as a learning on the way to future success and can take ownership for their wins. 
  4. Expose them to different parts of the business:  Allowing employees to have opportunities to see how other parts of the company work can increase both their understanding and appreciation of the entire system and team effort.  This interconnectedness within the organization may even help utilize employee skills to solve problems faster and build camaraderie.
  5. Encourage self-care: Remind your team about the importance of having a healthy work-life balance. There are numerous ways to practice self-care including the basics like exercise, nutrition and getting good sleep, as well as enjoying a hobby or time with family and friends. 
  6. Add experiential benefits: This is about the “extras”, whether that is coffee and snacks, an onsite fitness center, community service projects and team building events. These benefits and team experiences create a sense of community.
  7. Give them the right tools: The basics are important – laptops, software, desks, office supplies, and even training on workplace systems and communication tools. Encouragement and time to take part in leadership trainings will also directly benefit them and the team.
  8. Give positive reinforcement: Be generous with your praise, even when your employees are struggling.  Giving compliments and recognition is scientifically proven to improve behavior and reduce negativity. 
  9. Lead by example: It really does start at the top. Employees want positive role models that inspire the team to achieve and be committed to the overall team goals.  Employees can feel completely discouraged if they feel separate from the leadership of the company.

Leaders that take care of their employees reap the benefits of a boost in morale and loyalty, and happy employees get more done. 


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