Five Good Reasons Not to Work Out

At The Y @ Work, Jason turned excuses into passion

Jason Briggs, a program manager at GEA, is eager to help others get stronger as he launches a new kettlebell class at The Y @ Work

“Of course, we all have a good excuse not to work out,” says Jason Briggs, Bodewell program manager. And Jason can name at least five: four kids and a wife. Finding time to exercise isn’t easy when family life is important and busy.

But, he’s managed to prioritize his wellness while bringing his family (and others) along for the ride.

“Barriers to health are access, convenience, structure and community,” says Jason. “I really do believe GE Appliances has helped eliminate those barriers through its partnership with The Y @ Work. Between the onsite location, variety of classes, and camaraderie, it just makes it easier to show up.”

Jason finds that a 30-minute mental break really boosts his mood and productivity; helping him not only at work but also at home.

“Whether you walk on the treadmill at lunch or take a class before or after work, you’ll find it really improves the rest of your day,” says Jason. His enthusiasm is contagious. He’s responsible for getting 18 members to try his class.

Lauren Speaker was sold right away. “I first came to class only to support Jason (who I work with directly) but ended up returning because I loved his class! Jason has introduced me to a new type of workout class that is fun and immensely improved my overall strength in just a few classes! I was amazed how much easier everyday tasks were after just 1 – 2 classes!”

Another student, Susan Gregory, shared, “Jason is one of the best instructors I have ever had. He is all about technique and developing skills for lifting things in everyday life. Plus, he is a ton of fun.”

Jason began taking workout classes at the Appliance Park facility before the pandemic but found a greater appreciation for his instructors once he was working out at home.

“I began training my wife and oldest son, so I had a vested interest in doing it right,” says Jason. “I wanted to make sure they were safe while lifting.”

What began as an effort to stay healthy, quickly became a passion. Together with a friend, Jason made the decision to get certified in kettlebell instruction. In May of this year, Jason began teaching kettlebell classes at The Y @ Work. He’s eager to give back and share what he’s learned with his co-workers.

“Strength is an underappreciated skill,” says Jason. “It affects your whole life and how you move. I want to help my GEA team feel stronger and move better.”

The Y @ Work’s new monthly rate makes it even easier to join. GEA and the Y have partnered up to lower the fee to $2.50/week for employees through payroll deduction. That’s 80% off a normal Y membership!

“People pay hundreds of dollars for this. We get it for $10/month. It’s incredible,” says Jason. “And it’s all right here. Convenience always helps with consistency. No more excuses!”

As for those staff members Jason has always appreciated … they’re now his coworkers, and he has nothing but respect for them.

“Kudos to The Y @ Work staff,” says Jason. “They are incredibly engaging and very interested in helping you improve their fitness. Whatever your skill level, they’ll get you started at the right pace. Just ask; they are eager to help!”

Interested in Jason’s kettlebell class? Get started at The Y @ Work today! Call 502-452-0999 or visit The Y @ Work on the north side of AP4.

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