Employee Rewards It Forward through The Y @ Work

Y @ Work’s Be Rewarded for Exercising incentive helps Marcelius give back – just like his grandma taught him.

Marcelius Stone knows his way around a gym. After eight-hour shifts in AP3, Marcelius prioritizes two-hour workouts before heading home, and he’s not just there for himself.

Inside GEA’s Y @ Work, he’s the workout buddy you can ask almost anything. For exercise tips, stretches, hydration, you’ve got the Y staff and Marcelius.

“I appreciate helping others improve themselves,” says Marcelius. “I’ve recruited at least 10 co-workers to join The Y @ Work, and people often come to me with workout questions when I’m there.”

As a part of GEA’s Be Rewarded for Exercising incentive, employees can score free swag like water bottles, totes, visors, and more. The more regularly you work out, the swag increases in value. Employees are also given the option to defer their reward and give toward a YMCA charity of their choice.

“Incentives motivate employees to keep coming and to come consistently,” says Erik Mann, Director of GEA’s Y @ Work. “A lot of people want the swag, but it really takes an exceptional person to choose to donate.”

As it turns out, Marcelius is just that.

After 12 months of consistently checking in at The Y @ Work, Marcelius earned himself a $100 gift card. In lieu of the prize, he chose to donate his reward toward school-aged childcare programs at the YMCA.

As a grandfather of five, Marcelius understands the importance of great programming for kids. He hopes to pass down the same lessons he learned from his grandmother.

“My grandmother always taught me to keep thriving and striving,” says Marcelius. “Doing good for yourself often means doing good for others, too. She was always lifting others up and taught me to do the same.”

Ready to do some good for yourself while earning toward community impact? Join The Y @ Work today!

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