COVID is less severe…but still here

Simple practices can help reduce your risk of contracting the virus

With COVID-19 restrictions relaxed across the country, many people are feeling more comfortable – shopping, dining out and gathering like they used to. But it’s important to remember that, despite diminished mortality rates, COVID is still circulating and can still take a toll on your health.

While many individuals are vaccinated and boosted, even now there are about 320 COVID-related deaths daily, according to the Centers for Disease Control. While the strain currently dominating – Omicron BA.5 – hasn’t yet shown severe outcomes, it is one of the most contagious variants to surface, the American Medical Association says.

The CDC’s message remains the same: vaccinations and boosters are the best defense against the virus and many experts recommend masking up as winter hits. While we don’t need to live in fear of COVID, we can reduce our risk of contracting by avoiding the 3Cs:

  1. CONFINED spaces with poor ventilation
  2. CROWDED areas with lots of people
  3. CLOSE-CONTACT such as close-range conversations

These simple mitigation tactics can help you and your families to have a healthier holiday season.

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