April 15: What is Your Stress Telling You

Are you listening?

Stress indicates value. When something is important to us, we pay more attention to it and we hold a greater expectation for excellence.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, money, work, family, economic outlook, and relationships are our greatest stressors. While we may not be able to make the stressors go away (and we wouldn’t want to!), we can diminish how stressed we feel and how we respond.

Stress can help us perform better or even exhibit supernatural strength in life-threatening situations. Dealing with stress is all about reframing your perspective and leveraging that “stress” for good. April is Stress Awareness Month. Take this opportunity to focus on your personal resilience with the following reminders.

Notice how you feel and how stress affects your body. Pause and listen. Take a few deep breaths. Don’t let the stress take over.

Practice meditation. The best way to fight the noise is to get quiet. Try silencing your mind with meditation. You may also want to try yoga, prayer or walking quietly in the forest, make space to intentionally calm your mind and body. Visit The Y @ Work Page every Monday to see a new meditation video.

Find an exercise you enjoy and do it regularly. Feeling wound up? Exercise has a way of channeling stressful energy out of the body. Whether you’re a jogger, cyclist, or a nature walker, get some fresh air and exercise into your daily routine. The Y @ Work will be starting a new jump rope program soon. The first 20 people to register will receive a free jump rope. Visit The Y @ Work website or Yammer channel to learn more.

Visit your medical professional. Let the professionals help you get started on the path to a lifestyle with well-managed stress. Make an appointment today at the Park Well Care Center.

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