22 Push Up Challenge and Suicide Awareness

GEA plant manager Tim Vibbert encourages you to raise awareness for veteran suicide.

Every day, an estimated 22 veterans end their lives by suicide. To raise awareness for USA Cares, a nonprofit that serves veterans, AP1 plant manager Tim Vibbert hits the deck to knock out 22 pushups

Tim’s actions are part of a larger campaign, #22pushupchallenge, a “viral echo of the 2014 ALS ice bucket challenge” according to Men’s Journal. Instead of ALS and ice, Americans are supporting veteran issues with pushups.  

Next week – National Suicide Prevention Week, September 6-12, consider taking up the challenge yourself. Post a video on social media of yourself doing 22 pushups, include the hashtag #22pushupchallenge, and tag a few friends to challenge them to join you. If you’re feeling ambitious, do the challenge for 22 consecutive days.

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