1 in 37 Boys Was Diagnosed With an Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2018

It’s World Autism Awareness Day. Tomorrow is National Day of Walking. Combine the two together! Tomorrow, do a 30-minute walk in honor of autism awareness. 

Has your family been impacted by autism? With your Anthem benefits through GE Appliances, there’s a tailor-made program for just for you.

Families with a child on the autism spectrum benefit from support and connections to resources. The Autism Spectrum Disorder Program focuses on the entire family, creating a strong system of care. 

The ASD Team connects you to knowledge and resources that will help build a strong foundation of care and support for your entire family. 

ASD case managers guide you in navigating the complex healthcare system and addressing the unique challenges of your situation. A customized Care Plan helps to identify available services, secure access to care that may be missing, and facilitate collaboration between your members of your child’s team. Call 844-269-0538.

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