It’s been said that there are two ways out of a problem: 1) accept what’s happening, or 2) fight against it. 

Acceptance can often be a hard choice but will influence the degree of joy, ease, and peace in your life. 

Accept and be with what’s real. 

Be present with whatever happens to be there or is happening to you. Be conscious about how you are responding to it. Acceptance is saying, “Yep, (fill in the blank) is happening right now.” This is an invitation to accept your current reality.

When you are willing to do or have what you are resisting, then you will have the freedom to choose not to.

Once you accept (fill in the blank) for what it is, you’re in the best position to change things.  Sometimes circumstances will not change the way we want them to, however, we can control what we do next and how we respond. Consciously choosing a response over a quick reaction will make all the difference in the outcome. Changing the way you see the world, think about the world, and ultimately respond to the world, will dictate the way life unfolds before you.

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