It means a lot when organizations outside GEA recognize our commitment to wellness in the workplace. Here’s how our wellness programs rank compared to other large employers:

For the past four years, GEA has been honored by the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville for their Platinum Award, the Healthiest Employer of Kentucky (Ranked top 5 year-over-year|2nd place in 2021), and the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America (Ranked within the top 20 year-over-year). Finally, GEA has reached Gold Level Recognition for the American Heart Association Workplace Health Achievement for the past three years!

But there’s only one way we can maintain AND IMPROVE our workplace wellness programs, and that’s with your help. When you share your thoughts about our wellness programs, we use your input to enhance our offerings with services that are meaningful to you.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Appliance Park WellWithin Survey by Friday, November 12. If you are not at Appliance Park, reach out to your WellWithin Site Leader to learn when your survey will be coming out.

If you missed the deadline for the survey you can share your ideas and opinions anytime when you visit the WellWithin AP website and click on “share your story” at the bottom of the page.