WellWithin is reinventing itself as Workplace Wellbeing. Expanding beyond employee wellbeing, WellWithin now intentionally connects to inclusion and diversity.

WellWithin, redefined as workplace wellbeing, touches the culture, leadership, and employee day-to-day interactions – from a positive and energizing environment to highly effective leaders, and strong working relationships to personal job satisfaction.

The Appliances Leadership Meeting in January emphasized an important aspect of Workplace Wellbeing, and it centered around HOW we lead. The two key words: both inspiring and inclusive. Turns out, inspiring leaders use their unique strengths to motivate individuals and teams to take on bold goals and hold themselves and others accountable for results. Those inspiring leaders are also incredibly diverse – there is no universal archetype – because many different attributes help leaders motivate people. 

That said, there is one trait that seems to matter more than any other: centeredness. This is a state of mindfulness that enables leaders to stay calm under stress, empathize, listen deeply, and remain present.  So how does one begin to cultivate this centeredness trait? It begins with authenticity.  People who get to know themselves deeply can lead with centeredness, intentionality, and confidence.  Learn more on developing this trait through daily practices.