End Your Sentences with This to Encourage Openness and Growth

Three little words can transform your mindset. Curious? Ready to learn? If you’re already hooked, you’re on the right path.

An open mindset, or a growth mindset, enables one of the  GEA Way behaviors – Finding a Better Way.

A growth mindset means you believe your intelligence and talents can be developed over time, whereas a fixed mindset means that you believe intelligence is fixed. Your choice of mindset – growth or fixed – absolutely shapes your life; affecting the way you feel, your achievements, your ability to form new habits, and even the desire to develop new skills.

Embracing an open mindset means staying curious and continuously learning from every interaction and situation experienced. Simply use the words “yet” and “not yet”  to develop a growth mindset. If something hasn’t happened, open yourself to the possibility that it will happen … have a go at using yet or not yet.

Dr. Carol Dweck coined growth vs. fixed mindset in this 11-minute Ted Talk where she explains and shares the power of yet.