Financial wellbeing means something different to everyone so Fidelity, GEA’s external financial partner, is here to help. Currently only 26 percent of GEA employees are taking advantage of the full scope of Fidelity’s resources on

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill website – rather, it’s customized based to where you are in your financial journey. Fidelity provides hundreds of resources from how to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, to paying off student debt or credit card debt, to ensuring you are on the right plan to save for your retirement. 

Don’t wait! Start making the most of your Fidelity account by going through this checklist and watching this introductory video.

Reminder: Be sure you have a beneficiary listed for your Fidelity, My Savings account! 

7 out 10 employees do not have a beneficiary designated on their account – which means if something happens to you – your money may NOT go to the loved one(s) you wanted. Your will DOES NOT override what your Fidelity account beneficiary indicates which means:

  1. If an ex-spouse is still listed, he/she would receive the funds over a new spouse or child/children REGARDLESS of what is stated in your will.
  2. Your funds would go into your estate if no beneficiary is designed REGARDLESS of what is stated in your will.