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GEA Appliance Park Employee Guide to Wellbeing

We asked. You asked! Many of you responded to the 2021 GEA Appliance Park WellWithin survey with questions and comments and we heard you. WellWithin developed the attached Guide to Wellbeing to help you navigate the partnerships and resources available to you. Download it today! […]


13 GE Appliances Sites WellWithin Certified in 2020

Site leaders led through uncertainty and created programming to keep the team focused on health and wellbeing during an unprecedented year. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe, health and wellbeing were more important than ever for GE Appliances in 2020 – and WellWithin provided […]


Stop Listening to that Voice Telling You to be Quiet

Speak up for acceptance We all have it – that little voice inside our head that tells us not to say anything even though we heard a racist comment or watched someone ignore another’s point of view … that it’s better to stay silent. But keeping quiet in these situations has the opposite effect. If you’re going to make GE Appliances, your community, and your […]


“Not Yet” – The Most Important Mindset for Growth

End Your Sentences with This to Encourage Openness and Growth Three little words can transform your mindset. Curious? Ready to learn? If you’re already hooked, you’re on the right path. An open mindset, or a growth mindset, enables one of the  GEA Way behaviors – Finding a Better Way. A growth mindset means you believe your intelligence and talents can be developed over time, whereas […]


Who we are is how we lead

WellWithin is reinventing itself as Workplace Wellbeing. Expanding beyond employee wellbeing, WellWithin now intentionally connects to inclusion and diversity. WellWithin, redefined as workplace wellbeing, touches the culture, leadership, and employee day-to-day interactions – from a positive and energizing environment to highly effective leaders, and strong working relationships to personal job satisfaction. The Appliances Leadership Meeting in January emphasized an important aspect of Workplace Wellbeing, and […]


Inclusiveness fuels your wellbeing

Studies show that the more inclusive a person is, the better their wellbeing is in eight important areas: coping, happiness, physical health, decision-making, being valued, talking to others, having close relationships and a life of meaning. Here are some suggestions to foster higher degrees of inclusivity: Connect with others.  One way you can create inclusivity is if everyone feels like they can speak to you […]


What is Wellbeing and Why Should You Care?

Wellbeing is a word that gets tossed around a lot. We hear it at work and in commercials. We read about it online and in magazines … but what does it really mean … and why should you care? Wellbeing’s true meaning: one size does not fit all According to the Oxford Dictionary, wellbeing is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. […]


12 Self-Care Tips for December


Tips, Treatment & Prevention of Diabetes (World Diabetes Day -14th Nov)



Help us enhance our wellbeing offerings with more of what you want!

It means a lot when organizations outside GEA recognize our commitment to wellness in the workplace. Here’s how our wellness programs rank compared to other large employers: For the past four years, GEA has been honored by the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville for their Platinum Award, the Healthiest Employer of Kentucky (Ranked top 5 year-over-year|2nd place in 2021), and the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in […]


HeartWalk – #StepsForYourHeart

#StepsForYourHeart Challenge in collaboration with our health partner MFine, 6-day Intercompany walkathon between 4th – 9th  October 2021 Steps Given to Join the HeartWalk challenge for India GEA Employees:1. Download the StepSetGo App and register. Link: ssgo.in2. Open the app and head to the Arena Tab3. To search for […]


Beyond Work-Life Balance : Moving into Work-Life Integration



Zumba MS Teams Channel – Launch



Take Action: Save the Date! The Blue Wave in Coming October 8

Save the date to participate in the 2021 Fall Project and Kentuckiana Pride Parade on October 8. This year’s GEA Fall Project looks a lot different than previous years. It’s more than a one-day commitment; it’s the start of a movement called the Blue Wave where GEA employees will work all year to create transformational change in Louisville.  Don’t wait … register now for this […]